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Welcome to the future of same day delivery

Why ship when you can deliver?

Quality & Speed

Affordability & Scalability

Easy Integration

Modernizing same day delivery for the retail industry

Delivery speed impacts consumer buying decisions. Retailers need a way to offer scalable, sustainable same day delivery at an affordable price.

The retail industry is due for major innovation. We're proud to say we're leading the charge into the new age of retail.


The Chypp Difference

We're not just a delivery company. We take a meticulous data driven approach in everything we do. We take pride in handling your products and interacting with both your employees and customers. 


Quality Drivers

15 Chypp Ambassadors can do the work of 450 of our competition's drivers. This means we can be ultra-selective with who we hire and we can train them on a very personal level.

Affordable Rates

Our Hub-to-House Logistics model finally makes same day delivery affordable. Our rates are flat so you always know how much you're going to pay. Speeds faster than Amazon at rates lower than FedEx.

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It's no secret that the same day delivery models you see in the market today can't scale effectively with ever rising demand. Chypp is scalable by design.

Sustainable Solutions

The last mile is one of the most environmentally taxing pieces of any logistics model. Hub-to-House Logistics can use 86% less fuel than other same day delivery models. 

From retail. By retail. For retail.

Chypp combines the most optimized same day logistics system in the world with high quality drivers to provide retailers a winning delivery solution. We're innovators at our core. Our team is made up of successful retail, logistics, and technology professionals. From retail CEOs to logistics product VPs, our team is strong and built for success.

Growing Team

Data Driven Approach

Creative Products


Connections Simplified

Whether you're using a leading orchestration platform or have your own in-house systems, you can have Chypp up and running in no time. Chypp has strategic partnerships with industry leaders so you know you're always in good hands.

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Meet our Team

From retail. By retail. For retail.

Flat rates. Always.

We charge a flat delivery rate on all of our deliveries. This means you'll always know exactly what you're paying for delivery, no matter how big or small your package is. Our flat rate pricing ensures that you never have to worry about unexpected surcharges or fees.

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We deliver.

Welcome to the future of same day delivery.

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